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The Landmark Seminar Program

Designed to enable and empower you, the seminars allow you to deeply integrate the abstractions of The Landmark Forum into your life. They give you a place to work on what's up in front of you – personal projects and objectives as large as you wish – and find the means for making happen what once seemed impossible. Each seminar addresses a specific topic that makes life powerful, such as relationships, creativity, integrity, money, fitness, and what it takes to make a difference.

Seminars take place in hundreds of metropolitan areas worldwide and are open to people who have completed The Landmark Forum. Averaging 70,000 participants yearly, The Landmark Seminar Program is a key element in making Landmark one of the largest, most relevant, and most diverse "campuses" in the world.

Program Sessions
This seminar occurs in 10 evening sessions, usually during a three-month period. Each session is approximately 3 hours.

List of Seminars
To find out which of the following seminars are currently scheduled, contact us.

  • The Landmark Forum in Action
  • Breakthroughs – Living Outside the Box
  • Commitment - The Pathway to Adventure
  • Integrity - The Bottom Line
  • Living Passionately - The Art & Mastery of Playing the Game of Life
  • Relationships - The Basics of Love, Romance, and Partnership
  • Excellence - In the Zone
  • Creativity - Life by Design
  • Causing the Miraculous - A New Realm of Possibility
  • Being Extraordinary - The Art and Practice of Living from Possibility
  • Producing Breakthrough Results - Part I - Effectiveness
  • Producing Breakthrough Results - Part II - Velocity
  • Sex and Intimacy - From Predicament to Possibility
  • Money - From Concern to Freedom
  • Beyond Fitness - A Breakthrough in Well-Being

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