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Articles about Landmark

Landmark’s impact has been broad and deep and has been covered by many newspapers and magazines. Here’s a sampling of articles:

The Yankelovich Study: Analysis of The Landmark Forum and Its Benefits (Summary)

A survey was conducted of more than 1300 people who completed The Landmark Forum during a three-month period. Prior to their Landmark Forum, people were asked what they expected to achieve in the course; after The Landmark Forum, they were asked about the benefits they actually received.

A Harvard Business School Case Study: Landmark Education: Selling a Paradigm Shift

“Landmark's technology… is intended to provide individuals and organizations with an insight into how to become more effective...” Harvard Business School published a case study that focuses on the history, curriculum, and results of Landmark's programs.

Time Magazine Excerpt

TIME Magazine "[More than 2.4 million people] have taken [Landmark’s programs]. Landmark is becoming a global brand name, with [53] offices in [21] countries.”

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